Ethics Program for High School Classes

Ethics Program for High School Classes

Each year, KidsTek Program Manager Meghan Lang teaches a “LIFT Business Ethics” curriculum created by the local Better Business Bureau Foundation. In the fall semester of this school year, the program was taught at two Denver High Schools: Florence Crittenton and North High.

The material is taught a little bit differently each class, depending on the interests of the students and which pieces of the curriculum stand out to them. This year, there was a heavy focus on ethical dilemma scenarios, which helped the students to create their own understanding of ethics through a final project case study.

Analysia Gonzalez, KidsTek student at Florence Crittenton said, “The LIFT Business Ethics Curriculum helped me to understand more about ethics and how to use them in my daily life.”

At the end of the course, students have the opportunity to get a LIFT certification by presenting their case study to the class and by relating topics discussed in class to their presentations.

This year, four wonderful students earned this certification: congratulations to Maya, Zanee, Analysia, and Bertha. You all worked so hard!

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