Emily Tow – Senior Instructor

Emily Tow – Senior Instructor

KidsTek has some exciting news. KidsTek Instructor Emily Tow has just stepped into her new title of “Senior Instructor.” Emily began teaching for KidsTek as a middle school instructor, soon began teaching elementary schools for us as well, and this past summer and fall began teaching for a couple of our high school programs.

Emily is currently teaching KidsTek’s Business Computing classes at North High School and Florence Crittenton High School. Emily received her degree in English and Secondary Education, and her ability to teach KidsTek students in a relevant way is very inspirational. Emily said, “Even though my subject focus was not in technology, I still learned how to teach. Now, if I can learn something, I can figure out a way not only to explain it to students, but to make it engaging and relevant to their lives.”

Emily continues to blow us away with her creativity and excitement for teaching our students, no matter what age. Emily spoke of her wide variety of experiences through KidsTek as a chance to grow. She says, “I love that KidsTek gives me an opportunity to work with kids of all ages. There’s always a new challenge to be met.” Not only does her creativity shine through in each of her lessons, but she connects with students and creates a loving classroom community.

When asked about one of her favorites memories of teaching with KidsTek, Emily said, “Last semester, a student wrote me a letter thanking me for teaching him and for simply noticing when he was having a bad day and asking if I could help. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a huge difference in a kid’s life!”

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