Developing Connections

Developing Connections

While KidsTek’s main purpose is to increase technology literacy, another purpose of our high school classes are to provide “life skills” for our students.  KidsTek high school instructors help students develop their soft skills– handshakes, conversation skills, presenting in front of groups, and listening to others. Every other Friday at North High School, a speaker visits our classroom and has the chance to tell their story. Each of these speakers comes from a different area of expertise and has great advice for KidsTek students. Most recently, Robert Franklin, who works in youth development for the Colorado State University Extension, came to speak to our class at North High.

While Robert visited the students, he shared the struggles he went through to get where he is today, and through years of hard work, he now gets to do what he loves every single day. Not only was Robert’s story engaging, but he also brings an energy and excitement to his visits that are really well-received by our class. Robert is a DJ on the side and also owns his own business, MNMR, where he teaches various groups about important topics like Behavior Management, Cultural Competencies, Gang Culture, and Locus of Control. Robert is sure to brighten the day of anyone he encounters. These are the special opportunities that KidsTek is so proud to provide.

Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek, says, “By bringing in speakers, KidsTek is able to provide a fresh perspective on different careers. Students get to meet and learn about different adults with various life experiences, and the journey they have been on to get to where they are today. Not only is it interesting for the KidsTek students to be able to hear these stories, but this also provides the opportunity for them to make connections with professionals that inspire them or can provide opportunities in an area that interests them.”

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