Deloitte Hosts KidsTek Career Day

Deloitte Hosts KidsTek Career Day

“Do you enjoy working on cars?” “My favorite hobby is playing video games, how about you?” “Have you ever learned a computer programming language?” “Bingo!” Bingo might sound like what your grandma does on a Thursday night, but for KidsTek students at North High School, it became a tool for learning networking skills.

The Business Computing class at North High has been working on soft skills such as writing resumes and excelling in job interviews all school year. As a culmination of their career-success learning, last week, a group of students from this class visited the Denver offices of Deloitte, an international consulting company. To get to know each other and break the ice, everyone played a bingo-style game in which participants find others to sign squares with entries such as “Has a Bachelor’s degree” or “Participates in Drama/Plays”.

After Networking Bingo, each student was matched with a KidsTek volunteer or Deloitte employee for one-on-one resume advice. Armed with printed copies of the resumes they created in Business Computing, students talked through their experiences, skills, and accomplishments with experienced professionals to get additional advice and support.

Finally, the trip wrapped up with a panel of volunteers who answered student questions about careers, motivation, and other topics.

“The trip was very enlightening,” said Andrew Robles, a North High junior. For him, the most interesting thing was getting to see the setup of the Deloitte office and getting to explore their company. Students were treated to a tour of the Deloitte office including a photo shoot on a balcony overlooking downtown.

For Isabella Dardano, the best part was “networking and learning how to get your name out there and meet people.” Ashley Gurrola enjoyed chatting with Deloitte employees during the lunch provided by the company. “After talking to a Deloitte employee, it helped me realize that in-state schools and community colleges were a viable option,” she said.

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