Deloitte Employees Help KidsTek Students

Deloitte Employees Help KidsTek Students

Each school year, KidsTek partners with businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in the community to serve our students. KidsTek began meeting with employees from Deloitte this summer and since the beginning of this school year, Deloitte employees have volunteered in our classrooms a number of times.

Each time, volunteers from Deloitte are brought in to a KidsTek classroom at North High School in Denver and asked to provide student support while working on assignments about resume writing and interview skills. “Partnerships are important so our students can see others in the professional world that can reinforce the skills that we are teaching them. Through visits with Deloitte employees, KidsTek students have been forced outside their comfort zones to interact with business professionals in getting advice on different topics,” said KidsTek Program Manager, Meghan Lang.

Many of the Deloitte volunteers are passionate about getting out in the community and helping wherever they can. Blake Bengtson, Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte, shared why he decided to get involved: “I enjoy working with organizations like KidsTek because it’s important to give back in areas that you are passionate about, and for me that is education and mentorship. KidsTek is a great intersection of the two, and I am confident that the organization is changing a lot of lives through the work they do in both the mentorship and education space.”

Another Deloitte team member, Olivia Espinoza, said “KidsTek is doing really important work by investing in the future generation! I wish I was exposed to an organization that helped build such critical skills at an earlier age.”

KidsTek appreciates the time given by Deloitte employees and looks forward to their future visits!

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