December 2017 – Ricardo Torres

December 2017 – Ricardo Torres

KidsTek is excited to announce that December’s student of the month is Ricardo Torres. Rick is a sophomore at Hinkley High School and is currently enrolled in KidsTek’s Computer Information Systems class. Upon first meeting Rick, he seems quiet and kind. Throughout the school year, Rick has come out of his shell and has added such a positive personality to the Hinkley class.

KidsTek instructor Emily Tow says, “Rick participates in class, is dedicated, does all of his work, and comes to class each day with a good attitude.” Rick has dreams of studying video game design and staying within the technology field as a career. When Rick was asked what he enjoys about this class, he said, “It taught me everything I wanted to know about tech. I had no idea about a lot of different areas of technology before this class.”

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