This summer, KidsTek started an exciting new partnership with Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS,) a 6-12 DPS secondary school, to offer an innovative summer program targeted at freshmen preparing to start high school in the fall. To help these new ninth graders feel ready for their high school experience, KidsTek staff designed fun and educational technology projects based on students’ self-reported tech needs. 

Senior Instructor Emily Tow and Program Manager Meghan Lang worked with a select group of students over three weeks to bolster their skills and confidence in essential tech tools and programs like the learning management system Schoology, Google Drive, and the Google Apps suite that students will use regularly in high school.

“It’s great that DCIS had this program for freshmen. Especially after a year when school was so different than ever before, it can be incredibly difficult and nerve-wracking for students to make the middle to high school transition,” said Tow. “This program does a great job of making sure the students have a solid foundation of skills to set them up for success throughout their high school careers and beyond.”

KidsTek also looks forward to beginning a middle school enrichment program at DCIS in the fall, to be taught by instructor Max Lewis. 

“DCIS is such a neat school and we’re very excited to become a part of their community,” said Lang. “What a great opportunity for these ninth graders!”

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