CU Boulder Students Help KidsTek Students

CU Boulder Students Help KidsTek Students

Each Spring, KidsTek gives high school seniors who have taken a KidsTek course the chance to apply to The Nancy J. Sauer Scholarship, which provides direct college/tuition fee assistance for KidsTek students who plan to attend college or post-secondary training/education. During this year’s application window, our students at North High School were visited by a group of second year Colorado University Boulder students in the Leeds School of Business who shared their own tips and tricks for applying to scholarships.

As young students themselves, the CU Boulder students were able to give concrete advice like “always get a proofreader to help with your essays,” as well as to provide personal stories such as what inspired them to attend college. Leanne Sigman, sophomore at CU Boulder, handed out an “action verbs” list to assist the NHS students in writing essays for any scholarship or college application essay. At the end of the presentation, each high school student had the chance to work on their own scholarship essay while the CU Boulder students helped.

The KidsTek team was excited to bring in this group of CU Boulder students who helped inspire our students. While helping the NHS students apply for the KidsTek Scholarship, this workshop also taught real life skills they can use in whatever educational or career path they may choose.



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