Credera OpenGive Helps KidsTek

Credera OpenGive Helps KidsTek

Over a long weekend last month, Credera, and other local tech companies held “OpenGive,” a hackathon event benefitting KidsTek, OWL and CAPBES. The event was held at The Commons on Champa downtown, where 20 developers volunteered their time producing a database app that will be used to track student success for these three tech education organizations.

Maziyar Kalantarzadeh, a KidsTek instructor, helped with the event, and explains: “A hackathon is when a group of developers come together to create a program and work outside of normal hours. For this hackathon, everyone worked from Friday night until Sunday afternoon to create the application.” We hope to test the first version of this during our summer programs.

Andrew Bissland, KidsTek Program Director said, “We are truly appreciative of Credera and the other companies participating in OpenGive. The hard work put in by the volunteers over the weekend was amazing and we’re looking forward getting a useful tool for KidsTek out of their efforts!”

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