Creativity in Technology Education

Creativity in Technology Education

If you have ever visited a KidsTek classroom, you would see a room full of personality and talent. No two classrooms are the same. From kindergarten to high school seniors, we see all ages, skill sets, and learning styles. It’s this personality that makes KidsTek unique!

Our instructors put a lot of hard work and creativity into their lessons. The first day in the classroom allows them to learn what the students like, and to cater lessons to those interests. But on any given day, our students can make beautiful connections within a lesson to create something completely different. For example, one of our third-grade classes recently began a research project about Pi Day, but which morphed in to a PowerPoint project about the moons of Jupiter.

As a K-12 program, we obviously have different objectives based on grade level. Our students in kindergarten may be learning the basics of using a mouse or the functions of different computer keys. Yet our high school students may be learning how to write code or create projects exploring business ethics.

No matter the lesson, we want our students to be successful. We want them to showcase their talents and creativity. It can sometimes be difficult to learn about computers and applications, but our instructors create a teaching environment that is encouraging and allows our students to express themselves.

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