Counselor Spotlight – Ayesha Ricks

Counselor Spotlight – Ayesha Ricks

Without wonderful partners in our host schools, KidsTek would not be able to run our enriching programs for students in Colorado.  At our high school sites in particular, there are school staff who help us be effective in each of these schools.  Not only are these school staff liaisons to our team, but they are often our greatest advocates within the schools.

This year marks KidsTek’s fourth year working with Florence Crittenton High School in Denver. Ayesha Ricks, School Counselor and Master Scheduler at Flo Crit, kickstarted this partnership and is KidsTek’s primary contact for the school. Ayesha has worked at Florence Crittenton for the past four years.

This partnership was not the first connection that KidsTek made with Ayesha. She originally worked for KidsTek for two years as a Program Specialist. After starting at Florence Crittenton, she realized that the school might be able to benefit from offering KidsTek classes. Meghan Lang, Program Manager said, “After getting to know Ayesha, I have come to appreciate her so much. She is always willing to help, works hard, and sincerely cares about each of the students that walk through her door. KidsTek relies on relationships like the one with Ayesha to spread our mission and ultimately help us reach more students.”

Ayesha enjoys doing the master class scheduling at Florence Crittenton and has gotten really good at putting those kinds of puzzles together! When asked why KidsTek is important at Florence Crittenton High School, Ayesha said, “I think it is important for our girls to have options and exposure and KidsTek gives our students that and more!”

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