Counselor Spotlight – Alexandria Hagan

Counselor Spotlight – Alexandria Hagan

KidsTek has reached three years as a partner with Florence Crittenton High School in Denver. Florence Crittenton, a school for pregnant and parenting teens, has about 100 students enrolled. In such a small school community, teachers and staff really are a special support to the students and have more opportunities to get to know each student.

This school year, Alexandria Hagan joined the FloCrit team as their new school counselor. She has been in education for 25 years. Alexandria began as a classroom teacher and became a counselor during the past five years after returning to school to earn her master’s in counseling. Emily Tow, KidsTek instructor at Florence Crittenton, works frequently with Alexandria and said, “It’s been great getting to know and working with Alexandria! She’s incredibly dedicated to the students and it truly shows in her work.”

Alexandria works with each student individually to develop a plan for their future. She creates a document that lays out their goals and class credits. She then helps them come up with a path to achieve their goals. Meghan Lang, KidsTek Program Manager, said “Alexandria has clearly worked hard toward student success. She shares a specific plan with the student after they develop it together and helps each of them with the follow through. She truly is a special person and is dedicated to helping each of her students succeed.”

When chatting with Alexandria about her job and how passionate she is, she shared, “I can’t believe they pay me to do what I do!”

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