Consistency in a Time of Uncertainty

Consistency in a Time of Uncertainty

Getting back to school safely and in-person has been a huge challenge for school districts across the country. Our school districts have been working with local health partners to create the safest and most logical plans for return, which has proven very difficult. Currently, in Denver, with the risk of COVID-19 being lower in younger students, elementary students up through the 2nd grade have been phasing back in to in-person learning. However, upper elementary, middle school and high school students are a bit trickier since older students have a higher COVID risk and there has been a recent rise in COVID cases in Denver. Denver Public Schools have decided to continue with remote instruction in middle and high schools until at least after the winter holiday break. The current plan for upper elementary students grades 3-5 will be reassessed after Thanksgiving break. These upper elementary students are currently learning remotely after a recent brief return to in-person learning.

Throughout the fall semester, with the daily rise and fall of anxieties, Denver North High School has operated with as much stability as possible. KidsTek Program Manager, Meghan Lang, said “Denver North plans to keep student schedules the same, regardless of what type of learning students are engaging in. There are already enough unknowns in each student’s life right now, and I just really appreciate that they can give students that security in their daily schedules.” We really applaud Scott Wolf, the principal at North, and the work that his team has put into creating the best possible situation for students.”

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