Congratulations to the North High School Class!

Congratulations to the North High School Class!

Paola Lopez

Kaley Barklage

America Hernandez-Roman

Christian Quinones

Pedro Rodriguez

Devan Zarate

Angelica Chavez

Tania Lazos-Munoz

Marisol Gonzales-Arellano

Jose Robles-Reyes


Each of our high school students at North gained invaluable skills in Microsoft Excel this past semester. They all worked diligently this school year, and we awarded a laptop to each student that achieved a passing grade in our Business Computing class. We are so proud of our students!

Thank you to our instructor, Kaleena Kovach, for her amazing work during the spring semester and to Keysla Sano, our Program Specialist, for her teaching of the BBB mini course in business ethics. We’d also like to thank the many business speakers we hosted in the class this year. Finally, we appreciate North High School for hosting KidsTek for the past six years and look forward to teaching our new class at North in the fall!


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