Computing Fundamentals for Our Youngest Learners

Computing Fundamentals for Our Youngest Learners

Computer typing can be especially frustrating for our younger students who are just learning how to read and spell. KidsTek combats this frustration by challenging the students to do their best and by celebrating even the smallest victories.

As a kick-off project with kindergarten students at Eagleton Elementary School, our Program Specialist, Casey McCoy-Simmons, focused on the foundations: typing the alphabet. While typing the ABCs may sound like a simple task, to someone who recently learned their letters the QWERTY keyboard can be overwhelming.

To start off the lesson, Casey sang the alphabet along with the students, followed by the whole class exploring the keys on the keyboard. Once at the computers, the students were encouraged to sing the ABCs aloud to each other while typing each letter.

Each student who finished typing out the alphabet once was then challenged to do it again, but in all uppercase. No matter where the students finished, when it was time for parent pickup, the students were able to show off their work.

“I love meeting parents and guardians at the end of class, as it gives the kids a chance to share what they learned as well as gives me a chance to brag about the students’ accomplishments,” Casey said. “Seeing the smile on both the child’s and adult’s faces is the best thank you an educator can get.”

While today’s youth are often noted as the most digital savvy generation, KidsTek’s programs can often be the only opportunity our students have for dedicated computer time all day. Introducing fundamentals like typing is an important first step to increasing computer literacy. By creating challenging, age-appropriate lessons, and celebrating each milestone the students make while in KidsTek, we aspire to build the confidence needed for school and other opportunities.

In addition to our mission statement, KidsTek adheres to five core values created by our full team at the beginning of this program year. This lesson is an example of Value #3: “A Celebratory Environment.”

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