Combating “Summer Slide”

Combating “Summer Slide”

While those outside of the education field may assume summertime is when all teachers take a three-month vacation, a lot of educators are still hard at work inside the classroom. KidsTek runs the majority of our programs during the typical school year, but continuing to teach students over the summer is a key part of our mission in impacting the Colorado community.

According to the Colorado Department of Education, the “differences in children’s summer learning experiences during their elementary school years can ultimately impact whether they earn a high school diploma and continue to college (Summer Slide and the Importance of Reading over the Summer).” KidsTek works with schools in both the Aurora and Denver public school districts to continue students’ education throughout the summer to continuously offer these quality learning experiences. By providing tech programs for kindergarten to high school students during summer vacation, KidsTek is building tech skills in Colorado communities while helping prevent “summer slide.”

How does KidsTek keep students engaged during the summer vacation?  By encouraging our staff to get even more creative with their class projects and by having fun with the students. This summer, KidsTek has themed lesson plans based on student field trips, built “computers” out of candy, and one class is using a nature walk as inspiration for a digital collage project. And, even though our students have fun during their summer projects, our instructors still craft their lessons using recognized technology teaching standards as the framework for age-appropriate skills acquisition.

Summer is a time to lay back and enjoy the sun, but year-round learning is critical for K-12 students. KidsTek is thankful for our summer partners and all the work they do to keep Colorado students engaged!

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