Colorado Tech Sector Grows

Colorado Tech Sector Grows

Business in the Front Range is being greatly affected by Colorado’s record-breaking growth in the technology sector. As the second-most active industry in the Denver market, IT is strengthening the local economy.

Colorado houses regional offices for many national tech companies including Google (over 1,500 employees,) Oracle (4,500 employees in the state,) and IBM (over 6,000 employees.)

In 2014, the software publishing industry in Denver was the nation’s seventh-largest employment base. Colorado also ranked fourth in the nation for funds raised per worker from the Small Business Innovation Research grant program with 230 grants received by the state. The grants totaled $92.4 million or $38.20 per worker. This is almost double the U.S. average.

Metro Denver’s technology and IT direct employment is around 48,610 employees in around 4,810 companies. Our five-year employment growth has increased by over 10% and we are only seeing more and more growth.

With these figures, it is safe to say that technology has taken the driver’s seat when it comes to business and the economy in Colorado.

At KidsTek we look forward to continuing to prepare our students for this robust employment environment. Through our K-12 programs we teach the skills needed for employability, and our high school classes in particular help prepare students for tech sector opportunities.

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