Class Speaker Discusses Cloud Computing

Class Speaker Discusses Cloud Computing

Mark White is a longtime volunteer and friend of KidsTek and has been a frequent visitor to our classes over the years. At one time, he even taught for us: he led a Cisco networking class for us at High Tech Early College a few years ago.  Last week, he visited Hinkley High School to discuss cloud computing with students in our “Introduction to Programming Languages” class.

One of the first things that Mark said to the class was “How many of you have used the cloud today?” The majority of the class raised their hands. Today in a high schooler’s world, the cloud is used every day. KidsTek student Ryan Jacobs said “Every time I wake up, I always check my email, the news, and immediately start listening to music on YouTube. Not to mention, I play video games almost every evening. I use the cloud all day long, every day!” This seems to be a theme among many young people today, and this sort of technology is definitely not going away any time soon.

Upon asking Mark why he thought it was so important for students their age to have a good understanding of cloud computing, he said, “It’s important for them to have an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of tasks they are dealing with all day long.”

In addition to our mission statement, KidsTek adheres to five core values created by our full team at the beginning of this program year. This lesson is an example of Value #1: “Tech literacy is today’s literacy.”

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