Celebrating Richard Liner

Celebrating Richard Liner

Behind every nonprofit organization there are people that are driven to create something special. KidsTek co-founder Richard Liner is one of these dedicated individuals.

The late 90’s saw a lot of growth in the technology industry. Rich, and his colleagues at that time, recognized that there was an increasingly large number of unfilled technology jobs in Colorado. They also saw the need for lower income communities to have more access to technology and technology education. Out of these needs, the Colorado Technology Community Foundation was born.

After a few years, our name was changed to KidsTek, and after many years of serving on our board, Rich eventually served as the Executive Director for the past few years.

Andrew Bissland, KidsTek Program Director, said, “Rich is the heart of KidsTek: he has variously been a cofounder, board member, Executive Director, and now Board Chair of the organization. His vision and passion for our mission have driven us all these years to help us become what we are today!”

Over his years with KidsTek, Rich has had a profound impact on many people. KidsTek has served thousands of students since its beginning in 2000.  And, he has always been a calm voice amidst any storm we’ve encountered. Doug Robinson, friend of Rich and another founder of KidsTek, said, “Rich is entirely unflappable. Whenever there is a challenge, he just steps up and calmly goes to work solving it.”

Even though Rich retired as KidsTek’s Executive Director this summer, he still is able to share his love for the mission and to help build a successful future for KidsTek by serving as the Board Chair. Meghan Lang, Program Manager, said “From an employee’s perspective, I really don’t think that I could have asked for a better leader in starting my work with KidsTek. Rich is so authentically himself and sincerely cares about the people he works with. It is only fitting that he continues as the Board Chair so that he can share his passion for KidsTek through a different capacity.”

Much of KidsTek’s success can be attributed to the hard work that Rich has put in over the years.  Thank you Rich for stepping forward then and for your continued work today!

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