Career Day!

Career Day!

Do you remember your first job interview? For many people, especially those just starting out in the working world, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. In KidsTek’s Business Computing class at Denver’s North High School, students have the opportunity to learn and practice professional skills to help conquer that challenge.

In addition to learning how to use important office software and other technologies, KidsTek’s students at North have also spent the fall semester practicing their career-readiness skills. These students have written resumes, online window-shopped for job interview outfits, and learned tips and tricks for how to ace a job interview.

“There are so many unspoken rules of the working world,” said Senior Instructor Emily Tow. “My students are such impressive young people and learning these norms helps them show off their spectacular selves in a professional way.”

The culminating event of the career-readiness curriculum at North is called Career Day. Every year, volunteers and friends of KidsTek generously take time to meet KidsTek students for mock job interviews and a Q&A panel. This year, eight volunteers came to North to help our students practice for success: Tony Cook, Executive VP at First Bank; Robert Franklin, Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager at Children’s Hospital Colorado; Rich Liner, Former Executive Director and Co-Founder of KidsTek; Cindy Miller, Owner of Artemis’ Arrow; Caitlin Nelson, Community Impact Manager at PCs for People; Nestor Rizo Patron, Business Intelligence Analytic Developer at Regis University; Morgan Sauer, Nursing student and Extern at Sky Ridge Medical Center; and Juan Vargas, KidsTek alum and Software Engineer at Splunk.

“It was cool to meet with people that are more trained than us, to get the experience of knowing what they do and how they react to different things,” said North senior Gabby Gomez. “The best part was meeting one-on-one with Robert Franklin. He gave me a lot of insight about how I can become better at interviews and how I can continue to grow into a better person.”

“I love that we have so many professionals from so many different backgrounds and careers that are so eager to work with our students. It really helps give them a well-rounded education on these important skills and helps ensure that each student finds someone they can connect with,” said Tow.

Thank you to all of the amazing professionals who volunteered their time to support KidsTek students!

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