Canva Creations

Canva Creations

Capturing the imagination and excitement of a middle school student can be quite a task, but KidsTek instructor Emily Seabold always comes through in creating engaging projects for her classs. The current project they are working on is a storytelling project using a web-based graphic design app called Canva.

Students have been working as a whole group to create a fun story. It has been such a great community-building project for the class. Emily described the story in detail, “Their story is called The Planet Problem. Neil Armstrong and his side kick Duct Tape Boy are on the moon and it’s infested with moon rats. They have to call aliens for help. The aliens battle a giant moon rat. Duct Tape Boy’s solution to everything is to duct tape it. It’s been so great because they are becoming very confident in their design and presentation skills.”

Because of the nature of this class, there are days when a group of students are present and working on “The Planet Problem” together, but one student in particular, Naomi, is very dedicated and attends every class, and has a side project that she is working on. She has created a phonetic alphabet book for young elementary students. The goal is to eventually share this book with KidsTek elementary students.

This project is not only goofy and fun, but students are working hard to create something with their imaginations while learning a new design platform: Canva. In the future, these students will have the skills to use platforms like these in order to create anything from branded images to business cards and invitations.

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