Cadence Hamer – March 2022 Student of the Month

Cadence Hamer – March 2022 Student of the Month

KidsTek’s Student of the Month for March is Cadence Hamer from Hinkley High School in Aurora. Cadence is a soft spoken, kind student who works hard in class. She is currently enrolled in KidsTek’s Introduction to Programming class and is excelling in mastering the material.

KidsTek Instructor Katy Limes said, “Cadence is super smart and came in with some prior programming knowledge. She often finishes early and helps out other students.” Cadence is genuinely intrigued with programming and has a natural knack for it. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, listening to music, writing, making art and coding. When asked what her favorite part is about being in KidsTek’s Introduction to Programming class, she said, “I love problem solving and I enjoy the coding problems I get to solve in class. I really enjoy coding and am really glad I am in this class.”

Cadence is currently a senior at Hinkley and is still trying to decide exactly what she wants to pursue next year. She has been accepted into a couple of colleges and is considering attending college to study computer science. If she decides not to pursue that route, she would love to get an internship with a software engineering company.

Congratulation, Cadence and keep up the good work!

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