Business Ethics Curriculum Helps Students Stand Out

Business Ethics Curriculum Helps Students Stand Out

Each school year, KidsTek teaches ethics through a program developed by the Better Business Bureau Foundation of Denver/Boulder. The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to learn a new set of tools that helps address real-life ethical dilemmas. At the end of studying this material, students are presented with the opportunity to share their final project with the class through a presentation. If students demonstrate a complete understanding of the material, they receive a certification from the BBB in Business Ethics.

Maya Rodriguez, a KidsTek alumnus who earned her certification, said, “It’s just really been one of those things that separates me from other candidates. I’ve had a couple of interviews and each interviewer was really interested to see that someone my age has that kind of certification. It also gives me a lot of confidence when applying for different places and submitting my resume with the BBB ethics certification.”

Since KidsTek’s vision is to empower and prepare every KidsTek student for the future of their choice, it is so important to not only focus on the technology aspects of the program, but also life skills and practical advice. Through the Better Business Bureau’s Business Ethics Curriculum, students have a special resume item that makes them stand out, as well as a new wealth of knowledge that can help them to be more responsible and ethically sound when making important decisions.

Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek, and instructor for this curriculum said, “The greatest part about teaching this program is when former students tell me that they have used their knowledge about what we studied about ethics in their day-to-day lives.”

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