Bertha Mendoza – April 2019 Student of the Month

Bertha Mendoza – April 2019 Student of the Month

Bertha is a sophomore at North High School in Denver. Bertha’s work ethic is what initially made her stand out in class. She is a reliable student who always works hard and hands in her best work. Emily Tow, KidsTek Instructor at North High School, said, “Bertha’s quiet but always positive and hardworking presence is a great addition to our class. She is focused, dedicated, and is always willing to help her fellow students.” Bertha is one of only three students in the current North High School class to attain a certification in Microsoft Word during the fall semester and plans to attempt the Excel certification this semester.

Outside of school, Bertha enjoys hanging out with friends in her free time. Her favorite class in school is Chemistry because she enjoys doing all of the experiments. After high school, Bertha wants to go to college and figure out what she would enjoy doing as a career. Congrats, Bertha!

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