BBB’s LIFT Business Ethics Certification

BBB’s LIFT Business Ethics Certification

Honesty, trustworthiness, courage, integrity… these are all character traits that many of us would deem as important. The Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau provides a program that helps students think critically about many character traits, ethical approaches to decision making, and their own “personal brand” that they display to the world. The course is titled the  “LIFT Business Ethics Certification Program.”

This week, KidsTek Program Manager Meghan Lang began teaching this curriculum to a group of students at North High School in Denver. Meghan shared, “This class highlights many important topics that I think are crucial for young adults to have in their ‘life skills toolbox.’ Knowing how to make an ethical decision is important and this class helps students learn different techniques to make more informed decisions in their everyday lives.”

At the end of the course, students have the opportunity to earn a LIFT Business Ethics Certification by presenting a case study to the class and relating topics discussed in class to their chosen case study. “This curriculum is really unique,” Meghan said, “The topic of ethics is not always straight forward and easy-to-understand. Students that take this class really do have a special opportunity to discuss important topics with their peers and talk about decision making and how to become a better version of themselves. I have witnessed some really great conversations and have seen students demonstrate critical thinking skills– I am truly grateful to be a part of the program!”

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