BBB Business Ethics Program Teaches Valuable Skills

BBB Business Ethics Program Teaches Valuable Skills

KidsTek has been offering the BBB LIFT Business Ethics Certification to our students for the past three years. Earning this certification helps to give students tools to use in order to make ethical decisions. During this two-week long curriculum, students are not only taught about ethics, but they also are asked to use critical thinking skills and apply different approaches to situational ethical dilemmas.

While teaching this curriculum at Florence Crittenton High School in Denver, Program Manager Meghan Lang, has been very impressed with the way the students have been participating. She says, “They ask really thoughtful questions that show me they are sincerely listening and hearing what I am teaching.” The LIFT curriculum is something that KidsTek hopes provides clarity on an important topic to the students. Lina Contreras, sophomore at Florence Crittenton, said that, “The three approaches to ethical decision making that were taught to us were helpful, because now I can see them in real life. We are young adults, so we can use this information often.”

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