Aurora Youth 4 Success Celebrates 10th Year

Aurora Youth 4 Success Celebrates 10th Year

KidsTek has happily returned to host a college and career exploration class with the Aurora Youth 4 Success program this summer. This is an exciting year, as AY4S is celebrating it’s 10th program year, and KidsTek has been proud to be a program provider to the camp for all ten years!  The summer camp is held at Overland High School this year, and we have a group of 15 wonderful high school students who have been a joy to get to know.

Students have been exploring topics related to continuing education, personal interests, personality traits, creating resumes, and learning how to prepare for job interviews. In addition, the class will be completing the Better Business Bureau’s LIFT Business Ethics Curriculum. Terry Todd, co-founder of AY4S, said “The skills provided in KidsTek, from personal development to technical skills, are very valuable and important for high school-aged students.”

Each day, KidsTek instructor Emily Tow begins class with a couple of fun icebreakers. These activities have created an easy opportunity for students to bond and become more comfortable around each other. Sidnee Beauford, a student in the class, said ”I originally wanted to come here to learn more about colleges, but I’ve learned even more than I thought. Not only have I learned about the logistics of college and how to get there, but I have gotten to hear more about the experience and focus on different options.” KidsTek strives to create these authentic experiences where students can establish relationships with other students while learning useful skills for their future.

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