Aurora COMPASS Programs Kick Off 2017-18 School Year

Aurora COMPASS Programs Kick Off 2017-18 School Year

KidsTek has just begun our after-school enrichment programs in partnership with COMPASS for the 11th year! This year KidsTek is serving at Fulton, Sable, and Vaughn Elementary Schools, as well as North Middle School of Health Sciences and Technology, South Middle School, and Aurora West College Preparatory Academy. KidsTek is glad to have returning instructors Emily Tow, Courtney Hermes and Emilie Kelley in the COMPASS classrooms ready to provide engaging, project-based learning for our students.

So far this year, students have created their own Pokémon to learn new Microsoft Word skills, created presentations about their dream jobs in Microsoft PowerPoint, and done Microsoft Word scavenger hunts to learn new skills. Thiri, a KidsTek student at South Middle School in Aurora, shared that “I enjoy KidsTek because it is fun and educational. If I didn’t have COMPASS or KidsTek after school I would be bored, because KidsTek is a lot of fun.” Thiri has continued to take KidsTek classes, along with other COMPASS middle school classes after school for the last two years. She originally was introduced to KidsTek through COMPASS in elementary school!

We’re looking forward to another successful year of serving wonderful students like Thiri through the COMPASS program.

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