Aurora After School!

Aurora After School!

Last week, we kicked off Session 2 of elementary after school enrichment through our partners at the COMPASS program. This session, staff Megan Frazier is teaching 4th and 5th graders at Altura and Kenton Elementary Schools in Aurora. She will be joined at Kenton by our new Classroom Assistant, Kenya Velazquez. 

KidsTek’s elementary programs focus on teaching basic computer skills while making technology feel fun and approachable for all students. Last session, students created their own emojis by working with the shape and text tools in Google Slides, explored different methods for inserting images into Slides to create their own zoos, and learned through many other fun and engaging tech activities. 

This session, Megan plans to create a pen-pal program between students at these two COMPASS schools, allowing students to practice their writing skills while developing their knowledge of online communication methods like email and collaborative cloud files. Students will make new friends while sharing the cool projects they are working on throughout the session with KidsTek. 

“I love the idea of giving students the chance to make a new friend through our program while also helping them practice their writing skills and learn about safe online communication practices,” said Program Manager Emily Tow. “The pen pal program will be a great through-line to connect all of the other cool projects and activities that Megan has planned for this session!”

Session 2 of COMPASS will span Winter Break and run until early March, with Session 3 finishing out the school year. 

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