August Student of the Month – Ollie Klipsch

August Student of the Month – Ollie Klipsch

The August Student of the month is Ollie Klipsch! Ollie joins us from our summer program at the Denver Center For International Studies (DCIS) for incoming freshmen. During this three-week program, KidsTek Senior Instructor Emily Tow has been preparing incoming freshmen for high school by creating vision boards and planning what they want the next four years to look like. After students create their vision boards, they are also creating websites to host their vision boards.

Ollie has been a stand-out during this short program. She is engaged and eager to launch into all that high school has for her! Her favorite part of KidsTek is her instructor–Emily! “Ms. Emily communicates so well and has great energy. It has been fun getting to be in her class!”

In her free time, Ollie loves to listen to music, play video games, and talk to her friends. She especially loves rock music. After high school, Ollie hopes to purchase a van and explore the country as a traveling wedding photographer!

Congratulations Ollie!

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