After School and In-Person!

After School and In-Person!

This week, KidsTek is wrapping up its first in-person session for our after-school programs since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Elementary and middle school enrichment programs have been taught virtually until the beginning of this 2021-22 school year. In Aurora, KidsTek returned in-person this school year at two elementary schools and one middle school. These classes are held by the City of Aurora through the COMPASS after school programs.

The last two months of in-person learning with students after school has been filled with lots of fun, excitement and adjustments. All students are wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus and keep them in school. Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek said, “It was tough providing enrichment online during the height of the pandemic. Engagement was difficult and students were burned out from being online all day. We are really grateful to be back in-person working with these students to teach them necessary computer skills.”

Bringing students back in-person for enrichment after school is beneficial for both the students and their families. Jill Emery, City of Aurora COMPASS Program Coordinator, said, “We are so happy to be back, and back in-person! As we introduce new skills to students, it’s so important for them to get feedback and support from their peers. Sure, there’s Facetime and other things on social media, but it’s really not the same. This school year has definitely had its set of new challenges and regulations, but the joy of kids being back around their friends makes it all worth it.”

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