A Fresh Start!

A Fresh Start!

The 2021-2022 school year is just beginning and KidsTek instructors are thrilled to be able to get back into the classroom. After a difficult last year and a half, the return to in-person learning will be a welcome adjustment! KidsTek Instructors have rested up and are ready to hit the ground running for an invigorating new school year.

KidsTek Instructor, Katy Limes, begins her year at Hinkley High School on August 12th. Katy will be teaching an “Introduction to Computing” class this fall and an “Introduction to Programming” class in the spring semester.

KidsTek Senior Instructor, Emily Tow, will begin her school year in Denver Public Schools on August 23rd. At Florence Crittenton High she will be teaching a “21st Century Skills” class, where she pairs teaching living skills with using technology. This class is unique to Florence Crittenton and is some of Emily’s favorite content to teach the students. She will also be teaching a “Business Computing” class at Florence Crittenton as well as at North High School.

Our computer enrichment programs at KidsTek’s elementary and middle schools will begin after Labor Day at various sites. Instructors Max Lewis and Kiki Andriani will be leading those after school classes and are anticipating a fun return with the beginning of the school year.

KidsTek is looking forward to jumping back into the schools with a return to in-person learning!

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