A+ Class Progress!

A+ Class Progress!

Since the merger with PCs for People, we have been organizing and anticipating launching a new class to help prepare adult participants to earn the respected CompTIA A+ Certification. A CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for establishing an individual’s career in IT.  We began the class in early January and it is being taught in two, eight-week halves by KidsTek instructor Katy Limes. Adult students from Denver, Cleveland and Kansas City are all currently enrolled in the class and are already halfway through!

Katy teaches two online classes each week for this course. She also holds in-person classes at the PCs for People office in Denver to explore hands-on topics every other week. She posts videos of these extra classes for anyone who cannot be there. One of the most recent topics in class was learning about how to terminate networking cable, which means wiring connectors to the ends of custom length cable. KidsTek Program Director Andrew Bissland was the guest teacher for this class.

To earn the CompTIA A+ Certification, students must pass two exams. Students will begin by taking the first one this week and will complete the second one in about 8 weeks. After many hours spent teaching the material, Katy said, “The class just passed our first collective practice exam, and I’m feeling super optimistic about going into the first of two tests.” Katy is very excited to see where her students will go after completing this difficult course, “We have a great classroom community and a lot of students looking to use the certificate to break into the IT industry!”

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