8th Grade Career Fairs!

8th Grade Career Fairs!

KidsTek was honored to be recognized this November as a ninth year participant at the Denver Public Schools 8th Grade Career Fair as well as a fifth year participant at the Adams County 8th Grade Career Expo. Each year, KidsTek staff attends both district career fairs to interact with interested students.

Both career fairs are intended to get 8th graders thinking about which electives they will choose as they enter high school.  We met thousands of 8th grade students during the two events. Both districts encouraged students to dress up in business casual attire and introduce themselves to staff representing career fields and colleges. Adams County students even created business cards to hand out to each table they spoke with. As a career representative, KidsTek staff were able to give students advice on how to enter STEM-related fields.

Thank you to both Adams County and Denver Public Schools for inviting KidsTek back each year to meet these great 8th graders!

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