KidsTek Teaches Business Ethics at North High

KidsTek Teaches Business Ethics at North High

Our students at Denver’s North High School in our KidsTek Business Computing class have the opportunity to receive a LIFT Business Ethics Certification.  The LIFT program is a curriculum created by the Better Business Bureau Foundation and provides the opportunity for middle and high school students to learn about and apply a high ethical code of conduct.

It has been said “23% of millennials have stolen from a store in the past year, 27% of young people say that they would lie to get a job, 95% of students admit to cheating in school, 28% of youth believe the average person is ethical, and 60% think successful people do what ever is necessary– cheating included– to be a winner.”

The BBB LIFT Program is working hard to change these statistics in Denver and Boulder.  KidsTek is excited to have our Program Specialist Keysla Sano teach the LIFT program as part of our class at North High.  We want our students to have the opportunity to learn about ethics and to earn a LIFT certification in order for them to be competitive job applicants in the future.

Students will not only learn more about personal integrity but will also receive hands-on experience with the understanding that ethical conduct builds trust.  After completion of the program, students will be able to show future employers a certificate stating they completed this course as well as a signed Commitment to Conduct in their school, work, and personal life!

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