10 Years with North High School!

10 Years with North High School!

Over the years, KidsTek has worked with a number of schools throughout the Denver metro area. In the spring of 2011, KidsTek started a pilot program at Denver’s North High School, and then began an official class in the fall of the 2011-2012 school year. During the past ten years, we’ve served many North students with KidsTek courses, while also awarding scholarships and dozens of laptop computers.

Scott Wolf has been principal at North High for the past seven years. During his time, he has been able to meet the needs of the community by doubling school enrollment while maintaining a high-quality learning environment. Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek, shared, “There  are not a lot of principals out there like Scott Wolf. He is dedicated to North High School and the students, and deeply cares about everyone he works with. He leads with such confidence, compassion, organization, and excitement. It is truly a pleasure to work with him!”

KidsTek currently offers a “Business Computing” class at North. In this class, students become experts in Google Apps while exploring important college and career-readiness skills. Students also have opportunities to meet and learn from tech and business leaders in the community. Wolf shared why he thinks KidsTek is an important elective, “In today’s society, students need access to courses that prepare them for the world of tomorrow with tangible skills that can be applied. KidsTek helps students to build computer skills that allow students apply to multiple contexts to be successful. Without KidsTek, we would not have the opportunity for students to build computer skills in such an intentional way.”

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