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Today’s literacy is tech literacy, and at KidsTek we want each of our students to be empowered and prepared for the future of their choice.  KidsTek’s mission is to prepare students for academic, career and personal success by increasing tech literacy at Colorado’s highest-needs K-12 schools.  Our talented instructors begin by teaching elementary students that technology is fun through projects incorporating basic computer skills.  In middle school, we teach that technology skills are useful, strengthening their skills while incorporating personal interests.  Finally, our high schoolers learn that technology skills are necessary for their future, and are given several certification opportunities to enhance their workforce readiness and college preparedness.



Summer Teacher Training
05 Aug
Summer Teacher Training

Last month, KidsTek Senior Instructor Emily Tow had the opportunity to attend a week-long virtual...

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KidsTek’s Pandemic Response
30 Jul
KidsTek’s Pandemic Response

Since the March outbreak, KidsTek has worked hard to be responsive during the COVID-19...

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Keshun Taylor – July 2020 Student of the Month
23 Jul
Keshun Taylor – July 2020 Student of the Month

KidsTek launched its first live online summer program for high school students last week. During...

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